Author Topic: Is having one puffy nipple after surgery "normal"??  (Read 2146 times)

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So I had gyno surgery about 6 weeks ago. We agreed during consultations lipo and incision would be done.
Well the surgeon only did lipo. I told him the knots are still present and painful and we didnt do what was discussed. And I was unhappy.
So last week he went back in. Did more minor lipo and the incision for the glands. Right after surgery and today after getting stitches removed, I noticed the right nipple is completely flat and flush to my chest where the left is flat, but only on one side. Towards the inner chest at the bottom near the scar its puffy. 
I find it odd that it's just that one area, especially the other being completely flat. The nipple also has a slight crease in it from the bottom being puffy. The doc said it's normal for it to be puffy, its swelling and normal on the crease because its healing and retracting in.
Is this right?? Is it normal for one side to swell and not the other, especially in one spot? Or was there tissue left behind.
Also will the crease flatten out?

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Hi there

Yes please I ended up having a ALIF also How are you? What level did you have done? Do you still get nerve pain?

Thanks Eva


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