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Hello gyno bro’s :)

I have a thought on my mind wich keeps my head busy for a long time. I researched gyno for a long time like anybody else here too.
I can say theire are three ways i experienced when it comes to the local placement for the incisions for lipo.
1. Frontal chest between stomach and chest area. The most common way. I saw. But this exposes the scars the most. 2. Lateral chest but often with bad deep scarring also what i experienced.
But now the one i didnt saw that much but i wish i would. 3. The incision is between the pecturales muscle and the begin of the front shoulder like if you keep your arms below you can’t see the scars.

So why not all docs use this technique? Even in case of bad scarring it wouldnt be that obvious.
Is that a leak of docs being up to date?
Im not judging just asking

Sorry my school english is only good enough for that
As you noticed im not a native speaker nore near on that level :D

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28, with cholelithiasis has a small periumbilical hernia. I would like to do lap chol. Any advice regarding the placement of umbilical trocar. Pt also likes the hernia repaired at the same sitting.


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