Author Topic: Just had my Gynecomastia surgery  (Read 2493 times)

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Hey guys I wanted to share my gyno surgery experience.
First off, I noticed my gyno at age 19, it wasn't too bad because I was always active and very skinny. However, once I started to get older and put on weight my nipples became more "perky" and I could just feel the amount of fat there was on my chest. My friends have all teased me about my boobs being big, and even my girlfriend had told me my boobs were bigger then her cousins.
Im 31 now and the last few years I have noticed my gyno become worse and worse. I thought I could get rid of it eventually with diet and exercise, but it never worked.
I had been doing some research on gyno for the past few years now. I was so scared about the procedure that I put it off for years. The final straw was when I went on vacation with a group of my friends. The whole time I was thinking about my chest and nothing else. I knew my gyno was affecting my psychological status and it was very unhealthy.
I got a consultation with a gyno doctor in Seattle in Jan, then I kept postponing the actually surgery date and never called them back. Every month I thought about calling and saying "hey lets make the surgery date", I wasted so much time that I could have be using to recover. Finally I got tired of my gyno and started to slowly make one appointment after another until it was actually the surgery date and I could not back out
It was surreal...I was in the office about to have surgery and I could not believe it was about to happen. 123 I was out and awake from the surgery. I saw my chest the next day for the post op and was just speechless. I could not believe I actually went through with the surgery, and I was so glad the hardest part was over...getting the surgery done.
Its Nov 2 2018, and has only been 3 days since my surgery. My chest looks amazing, I have some swelling and my stitches should be out in the next 5 days.
If anyone is having gyno ruin the way they want to live their life I would tell them to take the first step and see a gyno doctor. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Are you recovering well?

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Hi Robirobi,
Yes the surgery went great! Thanks for asking. Its amazing how my chest looks and I feel great. First 5 days was kind of rough. Everyone says this is minor surgery but your still getting parts removed from your body and its no walk in the park, but with rest and compression it is going very good.
The only thing I'm worried about is my nipple area. It was cut up pretty bad and I'm worried about the healing process. I wish my PS would have taken better quality care in explaining me details of how that area would heal.

I tired to upload more pics but keeps saying something about converting Jpeg.

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