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i had surgery for mild gyno done by caridi 10 months ago with an awful result
to the moderator - note that this is a genuine and legit post - it can be authenticated by contacting the caridi office, confirm my name 'nath' and the date of surgery 7 august 2018

  • the preop assessment was inadequate. he spent one minute with me, did not examine me and did not explain the surgery/consent.
  • the surgery was done poorly, rushed and incomplete with a bad result - very uneven and lopsided. he did excessive lipo on the right side [in fact he removed all the normal fat along the right edge of the pec] and much less on the left side. he removed part of my right pec muscle fascia resulting in permanent deformity - a large divot next to the pec and deltoid.. this has left me with a significant asymmetry postop. the right side is a lot smaller now. he misused the vaser and caused second degree burns. this has left me with significant skin scaring, discoloration and burning pain. i. when i showed the second degree burns to the nurse post op - maria , i was advised this was normal
  • i found post op communication with lacey and caridi deceptive, evasive, misleading and dishonest. initially he said the result was incredible. after three months, he acknowledged the asymmetry but said that this was swelling and fluid, which should settle with six months massage. he has not provided any proper and truthful explanation for any of these complications. NO answers to specific questions as to WHY uneven and lopsided? he said that the problem was my expectation ?? i had mild gyno and postoperation i am now left with a small and deformed right chest
he said that this has never happened before. he has stopped responding to emails asking further for advice and postop management for the ongoing worsening scar and tissue defect. he has effectively abandoned postop follow up
5. in summary, i have had a disastrous result. in my case, caridi has done bad, lopsided surgery [my right chest is now flat and collapsed] and then tried a cover up by trying to tell me that the result is excellent. the manner in which he has conducted and abbrogated all follow up demonstrates a total lack of professional standards.

6. i also want to point out that the caridi website is very misleading:

  • the vaser causes bad tissue damage and more severe scar formation than conventional lipo. this fact was explained to me by other surgeons.
  • all the website photos are early post op. there is no reference to the severe scar formation that will evolve over the next six months - burns contraction and skin damage, sunken divots, tethering on animation, none of this is covered in the preop consent and discussion, and this outcome is very real. there are no photos showing this. this is not represntative and very misleading!!
  • in my experience, the preop assessment and post op follow up fell well short of an acceptable standard of care
  • caridi has a surgical technique where he will lipo the upper pec - axilla, delto-pec groove. in my case he only did this on one side NOT the other !! as a result, i ended up with a very poor and lopsided cosmetic result

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Hi mrkowboy,

Sorry to hear that.

How is your condition now?


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