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Disclaimer: My mother language is NOT English.

My case was extremely puffy nipples.
I have been lurking around this forum for years, drew motivation from it to save up money and finally have the surgery.
First horrible experience: My Gynecomastia started at the age of 13. I didn't even realize it at first. I went to a friend's house, entered the pool while his friends and entire family were there, and someone just pointed at my chest and said: "Look at those little titties haha". I was extremely embarrassed and tried my best to cover them until I could get to my towel and run to put some clothes on. Needless to say, the entire time we were at the pool, people was staring at me and having some giggles.
Second horrible experience (the start of a mental breakdown): At the age of 15 or 16, a friend invited me to go to a public pool with him, after we haven't been in a pool for years (I wonder why... :/ ). Of course I tried to come up with many excuses why I can't come, but eventually my mom pushed me enough for me to go. First thing that happened when I took off my shirt, was 3 strangers staring at me and my friend saying: "Dude, you look like a girl, what the fuc*?!". I tried to act cool and immediately jumped to the pool to cover the titties, but then we went out to buy Popsicle and 2 girls looked at me with a disgusted/shocked face.
The suffering at school that finally broke me: Ever since the pool incident, I was completely isolated in my home after school hours and came up with every lie I could think of, in order to not see any person after school. Even at school, I would put Sellotape on my nipples and black shirts to cover my huge nipples. Also had to bend down all day, which gave me horrible back pains. But of course, although I did everything I could, there was still some bad people who decided to pick on me for no reason. One day at Sport's class, I was forced by the teacher to play football with the guys, and the Sellotape on my nipples came off. I was able to casually throw it on the ground and keep going, but then two bullies noticed my huge nipples bulging from the shirt and decided it will be funny to pinch me extremely hard, until I cry from pain (Well, they hurt the gland itself). Of course everyone was looking and laughing about it for months, which added to my low self-esteem and my will to commit suicide.
I was later drafted to the army, which was a fun experience overall, because the uniforms were hiding everything, and I wasn't a combat soldier. Was just doing office work.
1 Year after finishing my service at the army, I have decided it's finally time to end my suffering and go to surgery. What could be worse than living in your room and be afraid to come out of it your entire life? In my mind, what I thought was: "Even if I die on the operating table, so be it". I had a talk with my parents about it, acted all cool like it's just a surgery I want because I'm not pleased with my chest's look (didn't tell them, till this very day, that it's something that ruined my life) and they agreed and supported me through the whole process.
Went to 3 specialists who told me they are not going to operate on me, because all I have is a mild puffy-nipples case. Finally, the fourth Doctor, Dana Egozi, agreed to perform the surgery and was extremely nice and understanding and told me she knows my pain and will help me solve the issue. She was 100% sure in her capabilities to do this surgery with no damage at all, although she did mention what can potentially happen.
The cost of the surgery was 4000$, which I was able to decrease, after many pleadings, to 3300$.
Link to her website, with connection information (via mail or phone):
I was ordered not to eat a day before the surgery and wear compression garment for a month after the surgery. The surgery was about 40-50 minutes long. Felt pain for approximately two weeks whenever I tried raising my hands above my nipples. The pain was like someone pinching you really hard, nothing too serious.
After the surgery: My life changed completely. I now find it really easy to make friends. Had sex with 3 women this year and had many other good relationships with female friends. I also can finally go to my favorite place that I hated for years - the pool/beach. :)
I also attached 2 pictures, before and after the surgery.

Hope I was able to contribute something back to this awesome community that helped me so much during my lonely days as a teenager. Feel free to ask me anything. :)
Veni, Vidi, Vici!
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Thank you for sharing your story.  Too often, people who have a successful surgical result lose interest in our site and they are never again heard from.   I would like to think that your result is common, but most of the people that we hear from are those who still have some post operative swelling or other problems and once those problems are resolve they too lose interest and never return. 
You could have fooled me, your English is very good.
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Thanks Paa_Paw! :)
I remember you from the old days. You gave me so much strength to keep moving forward no matter what, with your always-positive comments. Just know that your good spirit affects a lot of people around the world, even if they stay quiet about it.

As for people's results, that's true. Asked the doctor about other past Gynecomastia surgeries and she said she considers it a fairly easy surgery and had almost 0% complications and many teenagers are writing her letters about how she changed their lives.


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