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Dr. Jeffords performed my son's surgery last spring and it was a COMPLETE success. I am on overprotective mother and I was apprehensive about surgery. Dr. Jeffords eased my fears. He went above the call of duty. When my son went to him he was shy and he was in pain.. emotional pain. Gynecosmatia caused him such emotional pain and I did not realize it until after the surgery. Dr. Jeffords performed the surgery. My son's chest looks 200% better. It looks fabulous. He is confident and I am happy that Dr. Jeffords was able to not only perform surgery and remove the excess breast tissue and fat, but he also gave my son confidence. He gave him a future. My son has minimal scarring. I can hardly see it. Dr. Jeffords pre and post surgery appointments were all fantastic. I can't imagine how my son suffered before the surgery. I can see now that it was hard for him. Now, he is confident. He smiles and he is no not afraid to shine. THANK YOU Dr. Jeffords for helping my son find himself. You are a blessing. I think that everyone should go to a doctor that is caring, honest and skilled at their craft. All of the aforementioned describes the doctor that changed my son's life.. the man that cares about his patients and their futures.. the best plastic surgeon in my eyes.. Dr. Jeffords!!! Thank you!!

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