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this is a diet that uses your body to burn fat and mantain muscle at the same time.this isnt your typical diet it uses a 12 day 55-60%fat30-40% protien and about 30 grams carbs.this gets your body adjusted to burning fat as its prominent fuel source.on the 13th day is a 24-36 hour carb load where about 60%carbs 30%protein 20%fat.after the carb load you resume the original high fat intake ratios for sunday -friday when saturday comes again u get another carb load,this is what u do every week.heres a link of some peoples experience on the diet from;jsessionid=3B4B81D235A4DE3206C3BC57C44607B8.hydra?id=658379&pageNo=0

ps i started the diet yesterday.
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sounds a little risky... let us know how it turns out

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sounds like a typical keto diet. can be very effective at losing fat. it's a strict and inconveinent diet to do though.

if you're serious about dieting, look into the "Ultimate Diet 2.0" its'a serious diet that produces serious results.

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Ah, that'll be Mauro DiPasquale's diet? It certainly worked for me back in 1995. I'm still here, so it didn't kill me.

The good bit is you don't have to give up anything much, you will crave carbs during the low carb phase, but its only ever a matter of days before you can load up on whatever you fancy. The pump after the carb days is incredible.

It is VERY good at losing fat, best diet I ever tried in that respect. However, expect to find yourself having to resist eating your toothpaste in desperation for carbs at times! And the headaches where it feels like the top of your skull has been lifted off are nasty, but they pass once you are into fat burning mode.

Good luck with it!
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Here's a link of some peoples experience on the diet from;jsessionid=3B4B81D235A4DE3206C3BC57C44607B8.hydra?id=658379&pageNo=0

Thanks for the link dude. I just registered on the Site...

I have gained quite a few pounds since my Gyne surgery almost two years ago  :-\. Damn I'm a lazy MoFo. Anyhoo, back to the gym and eating good quality foods. I'm about 230 now  :-[, was 195 about a year ago. Sitting at the computer and drinking beer is a killer! I'm 6 foot and my weight goal is 175 lbs. So that's 55 pounds I want to loose. I'll keep a digipic journal of my weight loss and muscle tone progress. Maybe the journal will keep me motivated.

I've done it before...  From 230 to 148. In an effort to loose the m(o)(o)bs. 148 is much too thin for me. Gotta tell ya tho, at 148, I felt awesome. I really enjoyed being very thin.

I wish I had a workout partner....

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