Author Topic: Arm/Forearm exercise without chest exercise  (Read 8468 times)

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I've recently bought a home treadmill in an attempt to get in shape, but I also want to build up some muscle in my arms and forearms. However, I don't want to get my chest muscles any bigger to not make my gyne look more obvious. I have a chest expander like the one below. I wonder if I could use it for this purpose. Is there any type of exercise that can be done with this device that won't enlarge the chest muscles? or am I better off with some other equipment?

Thanks for your help.
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Get yourself a set of dumbells.

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dumbells are about all you need :)

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bump ... You can use what you have there. Just stand on one end and keep your arm steady at your side ... Try doing a curl it'll be tough as hell.

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Weird tip, but when I used to try and train my chest muscles doing things like incline flys with a dumbell I used to keep my free hand on the chest area I was trying to train. You can feel the chest muscle working.

Try and do the same thing to find an excercise that doesn't make your chest muscles feel like they're contracting.

I would have to agree with the previous posters and say dumbells are going to be a good bet for you!  ;)
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these are some exercise that you should do if you want to build muscle and make your gyno look less noticable

behind the neck shoulder press
incline flyes
incline barbell bench/ dumbell bench press
Rear delt raises


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SAme ques was in my mind.. ty for creating a thread alredy. Now shall i join a gym or buy dumbells maself? ..


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