Author Topic: Estrogen blockers. Any thoughts?  (Read 7761 times)

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Hi! A little bit over 3 months since my surgery now, and my chest looks a      lot better than before, but I am still far from as happy with the results as I was for the first weeks after the surgery. I`m crossing my fingers that there`s still some swelling, and that the results can improve a little bit over time, but in fear of returning gyne, I have considered starting taking estrogen blockers. More specificly, "S.A.N. Estrodex".
   This is also because I like to drink beer and smoke pot once in a while, which seemingly can cause returning gynecomastia, and therefore use these as way to stay on "the safe side"  :P I also work out on a regular basis (5-6 times a week), and I think that this can be a good supplement.
   The problem is that I have no experience at this area. I couldn`t find any serious side effects, but what do you know? What do you guys think, is this a bad idea?

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Estrogen blockers are used by people in the body building groups.  They use them in an attempt to stop the rebound of estrogen that occurs after a long cycle of steroids.  The claim is that they will prevent Gynecomastia.

It is truly difficult to say that you have prevented something from happening.   Whether or not Estrogen blockers work is not something that can be easily supported or denied.

As far as using these drugs on established gynecomastia, save you money as they have no value that can be supported by real evidence. Their value, if any, is in prevention not treatment. 
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Well, conventional aromatase inhibitors (AI) do work by inhibiting aromatase activity, thus lowering your overall Estrogen levels and reducing the likelihood of glandular tissue growth. However, I‘m talking about prescription drugs, such as Anastrozole, Letrozole (both non-steroidal) or Exemestane (steroidal). I usually use 25 milligrams of Exemestane per day when blasting Testosterone or other aromatizing compounds at 1000 milligrams + per week; I‘ve done so since my surgery in October and haven‘t experienced any recurrence.

The product you mentioned however, Estrodex, is an all-natural product, which when speaking about bodybuilding supplements means – sadly – that it won‘t do anything (significant).


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