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I'm trying to drop about 10 maybe 15 pounds

I currently weigh about 196.

For the past two days I have been trying to cut back on how much I eat and what I eat. For breakfeast I had an apple   >:( instead of my two piece of toast.

I have cut any snacks between meals completly out!

and I'm trying to eat as much during the meals.

Enough said, I think my plan may work. Its nice to finish a meal and not feel "full" but to just feel content. Its also nice to be hungry enough for a meal.

Anyways... this is kind of a ramble. Anyone else have any thoughts on portien sizes, snacks, and nutrition?

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the site thejuice posted seems to have some pretty good information.  The absolute key point about weight control though is calorie intake.  It doesn't matter what diet or eating plan you use, if burn more calories than you intake you will lose weight.  Conversly if you eat more than your body can use you will get fatter.  You can lose weight eating nothing but junk food as long as you burn more calories than you intake, the problem is that you will feel like crap and your health will suffer overall.

just cutting back on what you eat is probably just going to make you hungry and the diet less maintainable longterm.  What you should focus on is changing what you eat rather than just a simple reduction on intake.   you want to eat foods that are filling but relatively low on calories.  

good foods to use on a diet are vegetables, fruit, tuna, samon, lean chicken and beef .  having a large serving of vegetables (especially greens) before eat major meal will help fill you up for a relatively small calorie intake.  conversly heavily fried or foods with a high carb, low protein/fat foods should be avoided for the opposite reason.  If you want to eat pasta, bread or rice then try to use the brown versions and keep portions small in ratio with the vegetables/meat.  

its also good to drop drinks that have lots of calories.  This includes fruitjuice and soda.   stick to water or tea (regular or green) and get your vitamin intake via real fruit.  Diet drinks are an ok substitute (my own weakpoint) but its not really healthy to drink them too much as they generally are very high in salt.

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Thanks for the input guys.

In four days I was able to drop my weight from 196 to 190  :D

I was very shocked to see the scale this morning.

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i don't mean to disappoint you but that was almost certainly mostly water weight that you lost.  Its estimated that about 5000 calories is equal to 1 pound of fat.  that means if you cut 500 calories out of your diet you should lose about 1 pound in 10 days.   its possible but very difficult to lose more than 1-2 pounds of fat per week. 2 pounds in one week would mean that overall you had a deficit of nearly 1500 calories per day.  Thats a lot of extra exercise or dieting to be doing everyday.

people who experience larger weight gains are actually seeing the loss of water, muscle and fat together.  That's the danger of radical short term diets, people lose lots of water and mucle with a small amount of fat.  Once the diet is stopped the person gains back the water and a higher amount of fat because with less muscle their body uses less calories overall.

so don't get discouraged if you suddenly weigh yourself and you are suddenly 3-4 pound heavier.  Your water weight will fluctuate greatly depending on your activity and diet.  However lost fat does not come back quite so easily so as long as you eat healthy and exercise right you will keep the gains.  Don't rely on scales to monitor your progress, try using a tape measure or even better someone who knows how to measure bodyfat via calipers or a hydrostatic water tank test (avoid electronic body fat tests).

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no 3500 calories = 1 pound.  What you can do is this, head over to and look at the transformations.  It contains alot of information on how peopole have transformed themselves physically.  Youll find the common characteristics to be as follows:

- Drink at least 8-10 8 ounce glasses of water a day
- Eat 500 calories below your maintenence level (roughly 12 x your lean body mass = what you should eat calorically)
- eat moderate carbs, high protein, low fat
- Workout with weights (muscle improves your metabolism)
- Try fatburner pills if you want (i used the e/c/a stack to GREAT success myself, no negative effects whatsoever, but its your body its your choice)
- Eat at least 6 meals a day, eating every 2-3 hours, small meals (remember your total caloric intake is to be reduced) this keeps your metabolism burning on high all day long and prevents hunger
- Do cardio (i personally do an hour on the bike (1250 calories) low intensity about 5-6 days a week, but you should start around 20 minutes 2-3 times a week and build your way up according to your goals)

  Theres more, stuff on macronutrient intake, glycemic index, and other important stuff, but thats just a brief rundown, either way if your serious about losing weight head on over to that site and check it out, ive found it to be one of the better ones out there.


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About a month before my surgery, I was in a complete weight-loss state of mind.  I really wish I could make myself do that again now that I'm at college.

I wouldn't even eat a Hershey's Kiss if someone gave it to me.  I'd drink an assload of water throughout the day, have a turkey sandwhich with pretzels for lunch, and do ellipticals for 45-60 minutes after school, plus some weight training.  I lost about 8 pounds in less than a month, getting down to about 215.  

I just looked at the scale last night and I'm very upset I let myself go after surgery.  My girlfriend was telling me about a friend of ours who takes some diet pill and she lost something like 20 pounds in 3 weeks already, and said that her appetite is smaller and she feels more energetic throughout the day.  

When I get back to school I plan to talk to her about getting myself some.  I think its around $80-90 for 90 days, and that's cheaper than my old gym costs (I started going to the gym at school to use the ellipticals).
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eat 6 meals a day. dont worry about the calories. just watch your saturated fats and sugars. for breakfast, i would have a slim fast bar or something like that, in between youre three main meals i would start off with 2 scoops of whey protein blended with a banana. for dinner, steak of fish. you may think im crazy about the "6 meal" thing and "forgetting calories" but it works.

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the pill you speak of is Houdia Gordoni

i got it in my room 3 bottles never had the will to do it

makes you go alot more lol but it worked when i tried it

i reccomend you all try a natural approach a drink called "water" its cheap too! Drink only this and Milk and you will loose weight..

I sit at about 174 lbs usually to 180 full i used to weight 195 but the catch is i used to bench 135 pounds, now i bench 195 lbs but still lost weight

take into account Muscle > fat on the lb scale !


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