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For those of you that work out regularly and have had the surgery done, how long did it take you, post-op, to return to the same level in your workouts, pre-op?  Did you have to start again from scratch or were you able to go back to lifting the same weights and/or doing the same workouts you did before your op, right off the bat?  How much energy/strength do you think you lost, if any?

I'm just curious because I started going to the gym again this week and got some sessions with a personal trainer.  I mentioned to him that I was considering getting the procedure done, but he said that we can take care of it at the gym (he didn't know much about gyne so I wasn't going to lecture about my life), but I have my surgery planned for the beginning of January and hopefully by then I will be in better shape (I'm not in too bad shape now, just your average joe) but I am curious as to whether or not I will have to start again from scratch post-op.

Thanks for the replies!
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If you lift for just a few months, and then quit for 1.5 months. You will be almost as wimpy as when you first  started.


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