Author Topic: Stretch marks removal?  (Read 5327 times)

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Hey guys.  I used to weigh alot when I was like 16 and 17.  I lost about 40 pounds, but I have stretch marks from when I weighed alot.  It's really embarrasing.  Does anyone know how to rid these?  Is there any way?  I won't even take my shirt off in front of my's just humiliating.  Pregnant women get stretchmarks, not a teenager.  Any info would be appreciated.

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vitamin E maybe?

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Congrats on losing so much weight.

I got them when I got fat fast and also from lifting weights. vitamin E and Palmers' cococut cream will help heal and remove the red/purplish color but actual scar is permanent.

I heard laser can fix it but that's a lot of money.


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