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Hi i've visited this site a fair few times and quoted some of your posts on MUSCLETALK where gyno is a fairly big problem.

incase you've not guessed i have some experience of gyno  in steroid related instancies but also personally from having gyno prior to taking any performance enhancing drugs.

before starting AAS which i started about 18 months ago now - i was 10st 2lb at the time i started, i found a lump in my chest below my nipple. my chest had always been slightly "breasty" but this lump was new - this was 4 years ago. my grandmother and aunts had had breast cancer so i didn't hang about too long in doing to the doctors. the lump was about an inch in diameter  - obviously just didn't notice it for a while! well you don't really think to look for lumps do you?

anyway my doctor had a little feel and told me that this was not uncommon in guy but that generaly it occurs with men who have a higher body fat % and i should lose some weight - now i was about 10% body fat at the time so there was hardly any fat to lose so i was a bit synical. i logged on to here and other forums and found that i probalby had gyno, most likely had had so since puberty actually but the lump had made me more aware of it. i went back to the doctors and asked to be referred to the hospital and my doctor explained that it could take some 6 months for this to be done! i mentioned that i had bupa cover thru work and a big smile appeared on his face! i was in ross hall hospital getting a needle biopsy within a week.

needle biopsy's are really sore and don't let anyone tell you differently - they suck a lump of the er lump thru a 18g needle and into a syringe - it's never ever going to be pain free! and they always miss at least 3 times! think it's a game with them - wait until he's going to hit you then take a good sample! muppits! anyway surgery followed the next week and god did they butcher me! £3000 worth of surgery and i was left will a 70mm long gash below my nipple!! took probalby a month to heal enough for me to train without pain but i was actually back training within a week as it's only the skin that's been cut so stretching excercises like dips and chins are sore but it's only pain! it's not muscular pain!

anyway away i go thinking that's the gyno finished with forever. then in 2003 i find another lump this time above the same nipple! again i went to my doc - i'd changed doctors in between - and she explained again that it was gynocomastia and was not uncommon and yes she'd refer me to the hospital. 6 weeks later i'd heard nothing (the lump had doubled in size in this time to about half an inch in diameter) and knowing that the law had been changed and that a woman with suspected breast cancer must be seen by a consultant within 2 weeks i started to complain! to anyone who would listen! including the news papers - needless to say i was in hospital getting core plugs a week later - core plugs are a spring loaded syringe that has a little extra pulling power for the biopsy! remembering how sore the first biopsy was i took 3 aspirin before going in for the test! wasn't sore but remember guy's aspirin thins your blood and i was wearing a white shirt - took about half an hour for me to stop bleeding! and i looked like it's been shot!!!! lol - paracetamol, that's what you want!!! 3 an hour before the biopsy;)

anyway tests came back saying it was "fatty tissue!" like the first time - so not cancer! wooo hoooo but i'd explained that it was really sore so the operation was scheduled for a month later - remembering my first 70mm long scar i asked for a plastic surgeon to do the operation - you can request this on the nhs - i had to wait 3 months for a plastic surgeon to become available! was a very good choice actally!

the surgery went very well - i had a 10mm scar and due to the small size of the scar and the fact any damage was very local i felt great! was back training later that week - again chins being a bit sore! but i felt great!

a couple weeks later when i was having my wound dressed by the nurse she squezzed my chest and a load of black gunge came out of the hole - it was rank and really stinking! not sore tho - the gunge was sent away and the results came back saying i had necrotising faciitis (sp) (flesh eating bug) i was devastated! back into hospital i went and i saw a normal surgeon who advised that the only way to stop the infection was to totally remove the affected area - the proposal was to remove my left pec and patch it up using a lump of my ars*! now i have a hairy chest and a fluffy ars* and this was NEVER going to look good! years down the gym wasted! god i'm so vane! :D

i asked for a second  opinion from a plastic surgeon - they explained that this would take time and the infection woudl get worse - i didn't care!

a week later the plastic surgeon saw me and seemed to see the whole thing as a challenge! he was going to remove my infected pec thru the 10mm hole he'd  made earlier! the hole would then be cleaned using an acid solution and packed with an alginate which would encourage muscle growth! took 6 weeks for this to fix the problem - the acid washes (eod) were agony and i was on morphine a lot of the time - no training or eating for me! as i wasn't allowed out the house into the "unclean" world outside but 6 weeks later and all was cool - tiny scar - back to the gym trying to get my weights back up!

so for those of you that are interested that's my gyno story!

here's a picture - just after they found the flesh eating bug thing - they stopped me takign photo's after this although it did get much worse as i think they were worried i was collecting evidence to sue them - was actually doing it so i could keep a record of what had happended and cos i like gross stuff! if you look you can actually see the earlier scar below my nipple. the one above was widened to 20mm but once healed it's still only 10mm long:):);)

incidentally i've had gyno a few times on cycle but following the normal (bodybuilding) nolvadex protocol of 60mg day 1, 40mg till the symptoms go away and then 20mg for the rest of your cycle - i'd had no problems  

i've found on MUSCLETALK that if you catch gyno early enough nolvadex will make it totally reverse so although the story above is a bit doom and gloom it's not all bad! this is a worse case senario and i sincerely hope none of you have to go thru it.

now the other thing that may be of use to your guy's is that there are a good few guy's that i know who have had "soft" gyno, like i had since puberty and unlike me they have reversed it without surgery. using knowledge i've gained from this site and others i've advised on MT for about a year on how to reverse gyno with a fair amount of success.  this in fairness may all be knowledge that you guys' have and i know that the majority of what i know is stuff that you will also know. however, having been a guest here for a good year and a bit i felt it was time to show myself.

i would sincerely hope that what i know and what i've learnt can be of use to you and equally i'm hoping that you can teach me a thing of two.

anyway, that's a bit of blurb about me, i'm open to any and all questions so fire away.

ninja ;D

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Wow. That really puts things into perspective. The one thing I'm most surprised about is how positive you seem. I must admit, those photos made me cringe!

Well, good on you for sharing your story; I'm sure alot of people will benefit from reading it.

Welcome to the forum.
Another happy Levick Lad.

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I agree!

You sir, are brave indeed!!

So everythings ok now? Hows it looking?


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Blimey, those pics look pretty gruesome...

So what is your chest like now?

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yeah could you post some before pics of your gyne and after pics as you are today?

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any chance of a reponse ninja? ;D

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I know ninja from MUSCLETALK and he looks frieken awesome.

Check that page to preview my thread and you'll find that ninja is the 2nd person to post in the thread  - you'll see the before and after pic in his signiture (I hope you don't mind this ninja)

Man, thats what I want to look like, having the surgery now and getting it over and done with and then building up to a form such as that really takes away any sign of an operation, especially a gyno op.


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