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I have had gynecomastia for about 15 years, some 12 years ago NHS surgeons told me that to remove the gyno could be done but would not be advisable as there would be excess skin left that would result in significant scarring , this opinion has been repeated in three private consultations over the last 12 years as well . I had pretty much resigned myself to living with the gyno and accepted that , but noticing that on some american websites there appeared to people with worse cases than myself successfully corrected . In June of this year I came across this site and on reading the posts gained hope and went to have a consultation with Dr. Karidis half expecting to hear the same view that it would not be worth doing as excess skin would lead to scarring , but in consultation Dr. Karidis confidently explained that the situation was redeemable and I booked up for surgery . It has taken a while since that consultation to sink in that something that I had resigned myself to is actually going to be resolved . It is not that the other surgeons I have seen over the years were bad its clear that you have to find some one with sufficient expertise in carrying out this particular procedure and it being such a narrow area of surgery there can only be very few such people . I am grateful that there are such people like Dr. Karidis who has developed the knowledge to be able to offer a solution and without this site and its contributors I would not have become aware that a solution was possible so thanks to all .
 I am due to have the procedure in 7 days time and it  can't come soon enough !! I do not expect "perfect" results as such but just to loose the feeling of the gyno on my chest will be a great result , for me it is the feeling of the gyno that acts as a 24/7 reminder of its presence more so than the looks alone, although I look forward to being able to wear a t-shirt without being conscious of the chest contour as well .While in the scheme of things the gyno is a non life threatening  minor ailment I feel correcting it will be a new lease of life for me and is well worth the cost . I will post again to let anyone whose interested know how things have gone ,good luck to everyone else undergoing this . ;D ;D ;D

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good luck man. I'm in with Mr K on Tuesday to give him a bit of practice before you arrive  ;)


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