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hi all,

ive got a loan (nothing to do with gyne)  that finishes up next month and i was seriously considering getting another loan straight after of £4000 to pay for a decent gland removal op and some lypo.
ive seen a few people remark that  this is the general figure to pay, does this sound about right?
im in london so ill guess it will be either karadis or a trip up to birmingham to see levick.
oh yes, i did use steroids for a while. decca and dynabol(during my bulk up at the gym and no-one will notice my gyne!) period. should i mention this during the consultation? ive had gyne since puberty and it didnt get any better/worse whilst using steriods. (i also used tamoxifen when i finished a cycle)
will this make the doc less inclined to operate?
what about those few rifas i smoked?
will the doc be totally on my side or looking for an easy route out if the op doesnt go very well?
is honesty the best policy?

many thanks for your help.



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