Author Topic: Any Dr. referral from seattle area??  (Read 3534 times)

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I'm planning to get the suregry done in seattle. I had consulted Dr. Gottlieb but as per our friends in this form he is not the best choice to go for.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Hi Peetha

Did you have the procedure?  How did it go?  How much did it cost you?
Any details would be much appreciated.

I am currently trying to decide between Dr. Gottlieb, Dr. Pratt, and Dr. Haeck and any additional information would be very much appreciated.



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GLP: I am in the Everett area and was wondering who you decided on having do your surgery. The guessing game is a real problem. Please let me know what experiences you encountered and any recomendations.
Thank, gottadoit

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I saw 7 different surgeons in the area. I went with Dr. Hutter and so far have been happy with the results. Your results may vary but I felt most comfortable with him, his staff, office, and location. Price was above average but seeing photos of his patients sealed he deal for me. 


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