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For the most part I am very socialable, and get along with almost everyone, and am very happy but I have a stigma of connecting with girls because of gynecomastia. I have had a girlfriend at like 15-16 and a few dates since then, so I know how to approach girls  and to make them but I still have that social stigma of gynecomastia. Is it that I have not met a real women who can accept flaws and understand I have done everything in my power to change who I was? Because not being gloaty, but ive put in work to change gain muscle/loose weight, which was actually fun :). With my buddies they know about my gyne and we can go wake boarding all day without a care. As a kid I used to swim every week, but I havent done that since I was fourteen. I live in Florida, so swimming would be awesome to do again. I used to have a fear of taking my shirt off but I think ill say darn it and swim anyway.

I know this sounds silly, but I on one hand I am the type of person to accept flaws in everyone but yet I cant accept this flaw in myself because in every manor of my life, I am always striving for perfection which I know is unrealistic. My thought is that if I show that I can accept my gyne until surgery and still swim and pursue a girl and be confident with myself, will this also be seen by others? It is not even that I have a fear of being made fun of, I just fear  people will regard my body as a strange and avoid me, but even then im not the type of person to go cry in a hole, I just see it as a large obstacle in my way of being the best of me. Anyway, confessing on a forum helps. I know I can do well either with or without but I would still go through surgery if I could just do  it.

i linked the pictures of my gyne here

any advice is appreciated

thanks and much love


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