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Where do I begin.  I first noticed I was different the the other boys when I got into 7th grade and we had to change for gym.  Granted I have always been a little overweight but, I've always been very active.  Around this time I started have all kinds of trouble with Asthma and was placed on steroids to take care of the inflammation in my lungs.  I took relatively high dose's for almost 6 years before I was able to discontinue the medicine.  During this time my breasts just got larger.  In fact by 8th grade my breasts were larger than most of the girls in my class.  I did everything I could to not take my shirt off in front of the other kids in gym class or when I was playing sports.  As most guys with gynecomastia know you get picked on a lot, or at least I'm assuming you do.  I've always been good at pretending what people say doesn't bother me, when in fact it does. 
I have been lucky enough to meet a wonderful women, whom I've been married to for 5 years now.  I've asked her countless times what she thinks of my large breasts and she tells me that she likes them.  However, I've never really believed her.  I always think that she's just telling me this to make me feel good about myself. 
I'm tired of always being the butt of everyone's jokes just because I have large breasts.  It's not like it's my fault, well some of it is due to weight.  I've never really told anyone this but everytime I see my brother-in-law, which is at lease 3 or 4 times a week, he makes some sort of wise ass remark about my breasts. I secretly despise the guy because of it.
What are my options, what type of blood work can the doctor do to diagnose hormone issues, and how do you deal with your Gynocomastia?
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hey man, I feel you, the jokes never stop Im more confidnt about my Gyno now, more than ever, enough so that I can laugh at the jokes myself. Its just when you come to realize these titays don't define who you are thats when other people will realize it too. and if they don't, so what?

here is one of my articles.

and I have posted pics of my Gyno in the pics section "Rate my man boobs."

Ps. my chick diggs my man boobs too. not all chicks are grossed out by it.

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Jay-Sounds like you have family issues as well as chest issues.  It's so not cool for your brother in law to be doing what's he's doing.  My guess is that he is the same kind of guy who in high school would have make remarks about you chest to embarras you or make you feel like shit.  He is a bully and needs to be dealt with.  NOt ok for him to make you feel like shit whenever he wants to.  It's hard for us to hear that and not feel like crap because we already do anyway.  I am not a fan of always fighting fire with fire, but---I sure as hell would if I were you.  If I lived near you I would do it with you.  I would seriously consider calling him on it at a family event where you could expose him for the bully he is.  Think of a way to embarrass the hell out of him in front of everyone else, the bastard.  I still have my boobies and plan to get rid of them soon I hope.  I sure as hell wouldn't let someone do that to me anymore-I let it happen all thru HS and now even though I am still humiliated from them, if anyone made fun of them I would kick their ass unbelievably hard.  I am a peaceful person but you know-anyway.  Let me know what you decide I would be very interested to hear.  Write me back, I have only been a member for a very short time but I am feeling so much more confident and supported (haha) by other men with moobs that I feel a whole new way toward this knowing others are there for me and others have to same or worse than I.  Keeping the faith-CJ


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