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You know what I find this to be a pretty sad world when people are forced to change their body so that others will approve I find it extremely depressing that my best friend would make fun of me for no other reason than to get laughs from other people I wish I could have broken his nose for every time he has done that to me but I just cant bring myself to do that. Now I am getting surgery to change my body to avoid further ridicule. The human race is pretty sad if this is truly what we are. Sometimes I have a hard time finding reasons to continue on and why should I if the entire world is like this? Just now I just stared at the wall for five minutes because I couldn’t find a reason to do anything else what’s the point? We all die in the end and as I see it the way life is now it isn’t that great anyway. Now I’m not suicidal yet after all I’m here I might as well see if gets better but I doubt it will I guess I’ll just end up dieing a depressed old man what a way to go eh either way its no different in the end from dieing a happy teen. I wish I could just see the beauty on the outside of life instead of seeing the ugly inside. Thanks for listing to my depressing rant I hope it didn’t turn into rambling and I’m sorry if it made your day suck but writing it out made mine a little better. Maybe I'll write a happier post another day

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Hey I hear ya one of my good friends did that to me at a party. it hurts man.

read my post tho.

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I thought the name sounded fimilar .
Their was another member his name was TiredofIt2007 for a secong I thought you had surgery already.


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You are not forced to change your body.  Find new friends.

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Find new frendz.

You dont deserve them.

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Totally true bro. This world is an ugly place not because of the world, but the people who inhabit it. Even the closest of friends and family can say one simple negative thing about your looks and it feels like they stabbed you in the heart more than once. Hang in there.
If you have gyne, dont expect not be laughed at.

Just like if you walk into a locker room, you're gonna see some hairy asses and dicks.

Unfortunately for me, both have occured in my life way too many times.

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A true friend would never belittle you for something that was beyond your control.

It sounds like you need to find a new "best friend" and be a bit more selective this time.
Grandpa Dan

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Tired of it,

  It truly is a sad and hard hearted world we live in. People judge and ridicule others from what they see on the outside.
  I agree with the others that you need find new friends. Ones that show true friendship and aren't so shallow as to ridicule you while you have an infirmity.
  Only you know if you should have surgery.
  They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  For me true beauty is the wounded soldier that doesn't know why he is in some distant land fighting an enemy that he can't detect but still uses what strength he has left to help a child that lost some limbs from an IED.
  True beauty is the woman that is consoling a little girl that is bald from chemo and doesn't know if she will ever see her next birthday.
  The man who comes home from a thankless job being over worked and under paid from a corporation that couldn't care less if he can continue to keep a roof over his family's head and still makes it a point to hide his discouragement.
  The young girl that holds the baby she accidentally brought into this world and wonders where the father is and how she will be able to give this child a good home.
  For me that's just a few.
  We all may be so ugly on the outside that we wonder if the mirror will break but we also should be able to see the hidden beauty of people that give the very little that they have to enrich the lives of those around them even when it goes unnoticed or recognized.
  Try to find friends that see the hidden beauty in people. Friends that will be there in your hour of need. Friends that couldn't care less if you have breasts like a girl or if you have the build of the greatest body builder.
  The uncaring and heartless are a dime a dozen. Shrug off their need to exalt themselves at other people's expense. They're only showing their own bitterness and lack of self esteem.
  True beauty comes from within.

It's too easy to get on a "woe is me" kick.
Life is too good in other ways.
If I can't poke fun of myself I sure would be pathetic.

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Yah I have some pretty shitty friends like that. Granted they don't make fun of my gyne because I conceal it pretty well or they just think it's fat. Anyway, I know what that's like because it's been done to me in different ways and situations. Just fucking ditch that prick already.


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