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Unhappy 123,
Please talk to your folks about this! I know that it is hard to do, as does everyone else with this problem! I am almost 54 years old and finally dealing with it much better. I have talked with my wife and two youngest (both daughters) over the last several years about my big boobs. I have started to open up with my Mom and Dad (both around 80) and older brother, who also is my best friend. They all are very understanding!

My daughter and her boy fiend said last night to me that my disposition has been so much better, and it is because I have alleviated the pain caused by my DD's when I started wearing a bra a few weeks ago. Many others on this forum know the neck, shoulder and back pain that I am talking about. I know that some of the pain was also alleviated by accepting myself as I am, and what I needed to do, and moving forward.

If you can gather up the strength, set your folks down and show them what is going on with your body, hopefully they will be understanding!

I for one will be in your corner, I will pray that they will understand and get you the help that you want and need.

Good luck


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Hammer is totally correct.

Many Doctors will observe Gynecomastia and perhaps even write it into their notes without saying a word to the patient. The reason for this is that they do not want to create a problem. Many men simply ignore their breasts  unless someone calls attention to them.

Your posture hides nothing. I can recognize that stoop shouldered posture from across the shopping mall. Your posture could be adding to the pains you are having and, frankly, it makes you look a bit sloppy.

If you have a hard time getting the words out, simply print out what you have written here and give it to your father to read.
Grandpa Dan


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