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(Norwegian references for people not really caring;) )

Well a few days ago i schedueled my gyne operation for 11.May.
Im just so happy that i may be able to experience a summer without the horrible pains that usally ensues with Gyne and hot weather.

I guess i could have waited a few more days before starting my diary, but what the hell, here goes  :)

28 april, 13 more days and i will be on the operating table in Norways capital, Oslo. The clinic is called Colloseum plastiske klinikk, it is a private institution sponsored by the state (I guess one could say it's not really that private)

First news from the norwegian health sector was that i had to wait 5 months before they could squeese me in for the OP, but not wanting to experience another sad summer, decided to make an effort and get it done alot sooner. I got directed to Oslo, so i have to travel for 5 hours the day of the OP, but i think it's worth it bigtime.

Im not nervous at all, not for the small pains that usally comes with hospitals, or the pains that can happen after the surgery either.  I would gladly do the operation without any form of painkillers if it meant getting these damned moobs off! (Ok slight overstatement, but you get the idea)  :)

I will post some before pictures as soon as i can, and after pictures will come up too i garantee it!

My next update will be on the day that i have my surgery. I can't wait!


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