Author Topic: Gyno? Surgery needed? Feedback Appreciated!  (Read 2783 times)

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Yes, another guy here looking for feedback.  I attached my photos.  I really appreciate your comments guys.  I've heard to feel for hardness under the nipple but honestly it just feels like soft fat...

I'm 23, exercise is starting to become a habit.. lifting and running. Diet still needs a makeover.

For people who have had surgery, how expensive is the process?
Does BC/BS insurance cover this? - overall view - side view, no flex - side view, flex - front

Once again, thanks for the feedback.

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It does seem like you have excess tissue.  When did you start noticing it?

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your chest is fine... keep up the work outs, u look great

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I do not see a problem.

There are a lot of guys here who hope to look that good after surgery.
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