Author Topic: it just wont go, so frustrated , help  (Read 2247 times)

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hi to you all, I been exercising and hitting the gym for more than a year now, I did tons of cardio, every type, swimming too, and lifting weights.... starting lifting weights after I've lost so much fat from cardio jogging and swimming, to make long story short, the chest area just won't go away, well some of it did go away, but still I'm a very skinny person now, with little tissue, but not sure, is it a gyne? but if its fat, I can't lose any more fat because i'm skinny in every other part of my body if you know what I mean.... here are some info's and pics for you to see.

I'm 29 yrs old male, 5"7 tall. weight 64kg about 145lbs I think. (Used to be 90kg before, around 200 lbs)

is it gyne, or how to deal with this if its not gyne? I'm not into surgery at all. if any other option? some people told me to eat turmeric but please any doctor tell me what to do, thanks.

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Hard to say from the pics...but looks pretty good really.

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Like waves said hard to tell.. to me does not look too obvious or stand out to be gyne. Might be very mild case of gyne but if i were you i would not worry about it..


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