Author Topic: My Current Pubertal Gyno Issue.  (Read 2422 times)

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Ok so heres the story so far.

13 years old i have pointy nipples and chest goes outwards and i took no notice of it as at that age you dont care about image and what people think of you then, 2 years later about 15 i realise , hold on i have man boobs and im not overweight im 151lbs , 6ft 1 and it points through every t-shirt meaning i have to wear a tight vest to compress my chest flatter giving the effect i have a normal chest so i wait till im 16 1/2.

16 1/2 and i go to my gp as i was annoyed and sick of having them and he told me i have some glandular tissue but as i grow older il have a surge of testostorone which will deminish in size and reduce the man boob look to a flat normal chest so i accept his word and 3 months later no change although i used to have pea sized ball under both nipples but now the ball is a lot smaller and is flat not circular.

Heres What they look like, to some people they make not look so bad but i assure its horrible, any chest exercise i do is a waste as it pushes the gyno even further and cannot get any definition.


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Your case is similar to mine also, they dont look too bad but i know what you mean. Perky nipples poke someones eye out!, feels crap dont it!

Anyway your 16 and a half, Id recommend just controlling your gyno if anything as best you can. Mine become slightly less visible as my shoulders got wider. Wait till your older before even thinking about it. It could got one way or the other yes, but you can prevent them getting worst


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