Author Topic: So ive been working out  (Read 3030 times)

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hello my friend long time since i came here..
well here is when i first started:

and here i am now:

what you think?

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Mikenyc is right, the gland is not going anywhere, but i do see that you have dropped some fat so that the chest is not protruding as much. Good job in that respect, if you feel that you can live like that then the more power to you, u do not have an awful case or anything so at least you have dodged the severe aspect of gyne. Maybe one day you will opt for surgery, maybe you wont... weight loss is ALWAYS a good thing tho..

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i think that u look better

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it is better but still signs of gyne

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Wow, that was a huge improvement. Unfortunately, like the others have said, you will still need surgery to completely get rid of the gland. The transformation so far is great though.

Keep it up!


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