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Clearly I am not perfectly in shape. I currently weigh 170 pounds. Post OP I weighted 175 which I believe those 5 pounds were muscle not fat. Probably lost more than 5 pounds of muscle and put on fat. I cannot tell if my chest is still swolen, still some gyne left, or the fat left is just body fat? Take a look and give me your honest opinion please.

Honestly with my shirt off doesn't bother me as much as gyne showing in my every day life with normal clothes. The worst part is that I am a good looking guy, the gyne just kills some confidence, a lot actually. Also been weight training for over a year before my OP, it's a horrible feeling not being able to look perfect because of man boobs. Pre OP I would literally not be caught dead without a sweatshirt, jacket, or jersey. I have been wearing shirts lately but do not feel 100% confortable. I compare ther pics I took today to the pre-OP ones from the doctor since he took them from all angles and it does look WAY better, but not exactly as I was hoping for. I am not going to worry though until I have lost all my excess body fat.

Here you are, the post OP pic, is not good at all though showing the extremity of my gyne as one nipple is hard. The left was the same as the right when not hard -

Pre OP -

2 weeks Post OP -

7 weeks post OP (different angles) -

7 weeks Post OP In Clothes -

(hate this one)

Pre AND Post OP Comparison Angles -

Pre (dark unfortunately) -

Post 7 weeks -

Please tell me what you think. I am still extremely self conscious even though it does look better. Should I just loosen up or go get another dumb surgery to get it perfected? Will the remaining fat in my chest go away with cardio as it is apparent I don't yet have a preferred body fat? I also used to be pretty overweight if that has anything to do with it, I weighed 205. Looking forward to some responses, thanks :D
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what procedure did  have, was it just lipo or excision as well, who was your doctor, there is a remarkable difference after your surgery, and it looks good, but i understand your concern, and the fact that you dropped from 200 pounds definitely makes a difference, try altering your diet, and really burn your chest during workouts more on the reps and concentration and less on the weights, wait for a couple of months, if you dont see a difference, use your revision clause, i hope you have it, good luck bro.

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You look much better.  Give yourself more time and it will improve.  7 weeks is still somewhat early to see the permanent final results.  It takes months for all of the swelling and scar tissue to dissipate.
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