Author Topic: dont know if i have gyno or not?  (Read 3275 times)

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hi im 15 years old i wiegh about 150 pounds and about 13 % body fat when i was about i was pretty fat when i was a kid from about 9 to 12 then i losed alot of wieght and grew when i was about 12 i felt this bump under one of my nimples and it hurt so i had it checked out by the doctor he said it was normal with boys in pueberty i am pretty lean now but i am still kinda flabby in some areas mostly in my chest and just alil in my stomach my nimples are puffy i dont know if i have gyno or not or it is just fat left over on my chest or flab can anyone help me out and give me and answer i will try to get pics  ??

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  • Gyne free, is the way to be!
Pics will be helpful.
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Sounds like you've got all the symptoms to me.


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