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Hi everyone!

I've been lurking around this forum for a while and I was able to connect to Dr. Herbosa due to the multiple recommendations from Filipino users in this forum. I would to share my own experience.
I e-mailed doc Herbosa last month and he replied promptly. He's very casual in the way he talks and it made me very comfortable and it reduced my intimidation. Since I'm a student born and raised in the province and now studying in Manila, I reallywant to maximise my days of vacation by staying in the province and I didn't want to overstay in Manila while on recovery. I decided that I would have the surgery during the semester while I'm still attending classes and taking exams. I asked doc if I can have the surgery on the same day of my consultation and he agreed. His assistants told me that he recently went on a trip abroad the prior week and I was surprised that he was very willing to operate on me on the week of his return to the Philippines.

April 24 finally came and I went to Medicard at Makati. I had the operation at 7 AM. The operation was pleasant. Since it's under local anesthesia, you will occasionally feel pain especially when doc is working on the deep edges of your breast. I just inform doc when I feel pain and he then adds more anesthesia. The pain is only momentary and in the end, my chest felt good. While doc was slowly reducing my breast tissue, I could feel the reduction of weight on my chest. After the surgery, doc allowed me to try and lift the tissue removed and it was heavy. Dr. Herbosa and his team did a really good job making sure that my chest was symmetrical and that I wouldn't bleed excessively.
I attached a photo of the gland removed.
In terms of pricing, Dr. Herbosa is flexible and considerate. He asked for my price range and then he charged me the average of my price range. The money you spend in this operation is worth every centavo. Dr. Herbosa charges below market rates but his level of skill and experience is top notch. I am very happy with my experience with Dr. Herbosa and I recommend him to all those who are interested in having their gynecomastia treated.

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I had my surgery done with the doctor April 12th and so far I am satisfied with the results although I'm still feeling a little sore. I'm giving it another 2 weeks before I will start exercising. Kamusta ang results mo pare?

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Hello! Congratulations and thank you for sharing. Kumusta ka na ngayon tol? May recent pics kaba sa chest mo after a year and a half? Do you still have sensation sa nipples mo? How much was the total cost of your operation?


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