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Just saw Dr. Delgado for consultation
I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Delgado after seeing him for the firsrt time. Well, skipping the long story and going in to his office...

First of all, I went to his office in SF, which is REALLY nice (24th floor with view of the bay). I saw him right away at my scheduled time and spent an hour doing the normal question+answer and looking at his surgery photos. He was really great putting me at ease and seemed very knowledgeable. I have a mild-medium case of gyne and my quote was around 6200, but it seems that finding a great surgeon is imperative. In fact, he himself does a lot of redo surgeries (1/3 of all his gynecomastia procedures). I read a lot of people's experiences with Dr. Delgado's scheduling and it wasn't as bad as I thought (he's booked for about 6 weeks), and after seeing him today March 15, I will probably book around end of May (which is what I wanted). However, I was lucky for booking the consultation 1 week in advance (someone canceled and I called everyday last week), so its really important for people to schedule at least 1 month (i would say 2 months) in advance especially before the summer season when a lot of people see him.

Anyway, I will definately update once i go in for pre-op and the op and post-op...


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