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Hey everyone.

I first want to start off by saying, thanks to everyone who was posted in this forum, its helped me alot, already.

I am 18, 5'11", and about 215-220 lbs. Im not sure about my bf, last time i checked it was 19%. I developed my Puffy Nipples, at about age 14 or earlier, can't quite remember. I used to work out alot, but am now too embarrassed to do it, because of Gynecomastia. I am saving up for either some home weight equipment, or the surgery to repair this. I have never told anyone about this, but have a thought that people know... I quit my job because people were making fun of me, and havnt taken my shirt off infront of anyone in years and years, not even after being in the shower, ill put my shirt back on, before leaving the shower.

thats basically it... you all know, it sucks.


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