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My Update:

I finally got the courage to talk to my doctor about gynecomastia.  I told him that I developed a lump under both nipples that was about 3 to 5cm in size.  My luck the room was cold and he told me he did not see anything.  He then proceeded to tell me that I have dense fatty tissue under my nipples not gynecomastia.  He said I was going overboard about this and that a hormone level check was not necessary.  I was looking to get the surgery and thought I my have just a case of teenage gynecomastia.  I told him to check my Testosterone just to be safe.  The results came back a week later and I was diagnosed as Hypogonadism.  Before I went to my next appointment I checked for cases of low testosterone.  Stress, lack of sleep, over exercise, and blood drawn after 9am. :( :o

At my next appointment I told the doctor that I worked out with weights for 1.5 hrs and ran for 1hr the night before (6pm to 9pm).  I told him this whole gynecomastia stressed my out this year, I work 80 hours a week, sleep about 4-7hrs a night, and my blood was drawn after 9am (10:30am actually)  He said none of those factors would make a difference and that I should start TRT as soon as possible.  I told him I would get more sleep and cut out exercise for a week and take the test at 8 am.  In the mean time I had a Pituitary MRI which came back normal.  Later this year I had a testicular ultrasound which came back negative except for cysts.  Keep in mind testes are normal in size. ???

Well two days before the test I slept about 5 hours in that period because I was so stressed about the test knowing how important 8 hours of sleep is.  I went anyway because I just wanted it over no matter what.  The results came back as is Total Testosterone 390 ng/dl, Free Testosterone (normal), FSH normal , LH normal, Prolactin (normal).  I still feel that 390ng/dl is low for a 29.75 yr old man.  Because I this I am planning on getting a semen analysis to make sure I have semen that can be stored for ISCI or AI in the future just in case my Testosterone drops even more in the future when me and my wife plan to have kids.  I work out 5 to 6 days a week for 60 minutes and like to do lots of cardio.  Could this affect my true resting testosterone?  Or was the stress before the second test with little sleep affect it too?

As of right now I am not sure about the surgery.  I have a minor case and my wife loved with gyne and hs supported me with all the stress of comes with this condition once you learn some of the causes.  These include, Klinefeter Syndrome, AIS, Hypogonadism, Pituitary tumors, testicular tumors, and possible infertility.  I just wish the medical community was better informed of this condition and was covered by insurance.  Strangely, if I lose a nipple from the surgery my insurance will by for a tattoo artist.  

I keep you posted on my condition if any changes.


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