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Hi all

First time posting here. Suffered with enlarged breast tissue since the age of 14/15 when I lost my dad.. was a fatty.

I've tried eating better going gym and even my job for years was physical and very active despite my frame reducing over the years my femine chest area hasn't much.

I have the same mental issues where I have a slightly poorer posture because I don't stick my chest out like someone with a masculine chest and tend to wear jackets or layers because I'm wary of the wind blowing in the wrong direction.

It's stopped me learning to swim taking my shirt off just generally getting dressed without thinking of it.

I have two boys and i have had enough so I've started the ball rolling for surgery.

I'm very anxious and wary of procedure but it is something I need to do to improve my life.

Any thoughts on my decision, I'm to embarrassed to speak about it.

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Gynecomastia surgery has been around for decades.  The current methods are light years ahead of where they were in, say, the 1960s.

Research methods, doctors who's specialize in it, and check physician reviews.

Many have opted for surgery, and some of us have - for various reason - chosen to live with large breasts.

It's your choice, and include your wife in the decision talk.

Wishing you the best.

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Congratulations! I went down the same road. It took me until age 57 to discover that this was something I could really do. My chest was getting bigger and I tried to counter by losing weight.  I wish I knew when I was younger that it wouldn’t work. My way of coping was to say to myself that one day I’d get in shape and the boobs would go away.

I started to do research, found this place and read hundreds of threads. It was very educational. It quickly gave me the confidence to get the ball rolling. No regrets. Money well spent. The surgery was no worse than dental surgery. Less painful in the short term, but more uncomfortable in the long term until the vest comes off (6 weeks). You’ll be so giddy about what’s in store, the time will fly.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re curious, you can click on my profile and read my earliest posts. I posted pictures and some of my experience before and after surgery.

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Wishing you the best. Please let us know how surgery goes. 

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Your story resonates for many of us who grew up self-conscious about how our body looked.  You describe it well.  Had surgery been an option when I was a young man I would definitely have explored that option.  Unfortunately, it was not and I learned to live with the condition.  At this point in my life it makes no sense, but I understand your motivation.  Please let us know what you decide and if you go forward, let us know how the journey unfolds.  All the best to you.


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