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I had my Gyne surgery done one week ago.  The pain is gone..It wasnt that severe.  The discomfort is still here. A couple of days after my operation I took off the compression vest in order to take a shower and noticed that my chest was very swollen.  I had a follow up visit with my Doctor a couple of days ago who assured me the sweelling WILL go down.  It has gone a little bit, but I am nervous that it wont.  Anyone here have similiar problems with this common ?  any imput on post op recovery will help ease my anxiety..thanks in the way I am 37 years old.

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I am 26.   I have surgery next week and I will be sure to chime in with results and stories of swelling, if I can remember, that is.  Heh.  You could always PM me and remind me.  Take care!


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