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Think that YOUR manboobs are emasculating eh?  Well how manly would you feel if your man boobs lactated too?

Yep, due to an undiagnosed pituitary tumor that I've had for all of my adult life, my prolactin levels have been off the charts!  This is what causes pregnant women to produce milk. (yes, even normal men have prolactin in their systems, but instead of levels of under 20 parts, It was discovered that mine were at over 3,000 parts!  Hell, that's several times higher than pregnant women have.

I smirk at the photos of most of these dudes in here who are crying bout their "moobs".  I've had to deal with not only the boobs, but also the effects of my tumor.   In my opinion, my photos are worse than most I've seen, but they pale in comparison to all the  psychological torment that I have been thru.

I was diagnosed with the tumor 3 years ago during an MRI  scan.  Funny part is that the MRI was being taken to determine if I had any lingering head damage after a street-bike accident on a racetrack.  Well, no brain damage found, but what they DID find was the lifelong answer to why I always felt like a pathetic excuse for a MALE!

Unfortunately, the tumor has not allowed my body to release most of its' testosterone into my system, therefore I have had to suffer from those side affects too.  No natural muscle tone..... low sex drive.......No facial hair- hell, virtually no BODY hair for that matter.  I now give myself testosterone shots, and was Sooo elated to start shaving like REAL men do!  Too bad my first shave did'nt occur until I was 40 years old.

I never knew I could lactate until one of the doctors asked me if I'd ever tried.  Up til then, I'd done alot of nipple squeezing in my life, but just quick little "tweaks" so that my puffy nips would flatten out for a few seconds, so as not to embarass me in front of others.  I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.  You become very adept at "tweaking" without drawing attention to the act.  

I've got some pics  in the "photos" section.....under the same subject title as here......"your all lightweights compared to me!"



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