Author Topic: Can lower body surgery affect the results of gynaecomastia surgery?  (Read 662 times)

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I plan on getting gyno surgery soon which requires incisions linear incisions to remove excess skin and reposition the nipple.

My stomach isn't as bad, but I'm thinking I'll be more inclined to get an (extended) abdominoplasty after I've fixed my chest. My concern is whether this surgery may pull down the nipple or carefully placed scars on my chest from the gyno surgery. Since male plastic surgery isn't as common I can only find answers for female patients online which are all "no" "yes" "maybe".

Should I be worried about this? Would performing both operations at the same time alleviate this risk or does the lower body have to be dealt with first before the gyno surgery? Or is it fine to do in any order?

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Thank you for such a good question.  The answer is that the tummy tuck performed after the gynecomastia surgery will not displace the breast/chest position.  The breast/chest has a natural crease at the bottom which is formed by adhesions from the skin down to the deep layers.  This is a strong fibrous network and will prevent any displacement as well as a similar network in the upper abdomen. So not to worry.  Good luck.
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