Author Topic: Swelling or Scarring Under Pec, early after surgery  (Read 116 times)

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Right after my surgery I noticed there was a lump on the underside of my left pec, and within a week it had hardened. This pic is at 2 weeks, and at 3 weeks now it's still there. At first the doctor said it was swelling tissue, then the last checkup he seemed to say it was fibrosis, and he tells me it will go away with time and massage- but I feel I need a second opinion. I have heard that fibrosis only starts to set in after several weeks, but this lump was present almost immediately - is it possible I just instantly scarred up? The lump has no give to it, its very solid. I wouldn't say its very painful, my skin is regaining sensitivity now so I feel a little, but its no problem to massage it.

Its also under the area that had the gland and fat, so I dont think its anything residual. It seems to be purely a healing reaction. It makes me wonder if the surgeon was too aggressive in that area and my body overreacted.

Overall I am happy with the amount of gland/fat removed, but this hard lump has me worried that it won't resolve. I am doing massages at home with a roller and the clinic gives me massages with a machine. I also still have a lot of hard lumps in the general surgery area, they do seem to be slowly receding but it seems more than Ive seen in other after pics.

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The hard lump could be left over gland since it was present after surgery.  Scat tissue is hard, firm and very common after surgery. If it is scar tissue or fibrosis it will resolve.
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