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Hi all,
I am a sufferer to of gynecomastia and have had a very hard time dealing with this. The good thing that I have is I have a understanding wife.
I did not realise that I had it because I was quite obessed I lost my weight and got ripped to the bone and realised that I have these hard lumps under my nipples and they are really puffy. My wife kept saying that it was fine I look great but it was really bothering me the more I trained the worse they seem to get. So I did a google for puffy nipples and found that there is actually a condition to explain it.
The problem that I have had for the last 12 months I have been so discusted in myself my sex life has gone down no self confidence and felt like a freak.
So I decided to bite the bullett and see the doctor he confirmed I have gyno and I had gone to see him about it when I was 15 about the problem. I just forgotte about it as he told me back then that it would go away. He asked if I would like to get a referal to a cosmetic surgeon and I said no that I would look into this some more. After looking and trying to find a reason and a cure for it I have realised that there is no other option but surgery. Scouring the net going through the yellow pages I finally found a surgeon that I thought may be acceptable. I do not really have the money for this but I thought I will go and see him anyway his name is Dr Thind in Parramatta. Actually he has a few offices over australia. he said for the surgery I will have to have the gland removed and the lipo done and the cos is 5,500 dollars. I have decided that there is no other way but to take the surgery.
Dr thind made me very comfortable there was endless amounts of photos to see and he answered all the questions that I had with no hesitation. But it still got me thinking he is not going to take photos of patients that have turned out bad and post them up. I do not want to save this 5,500 dollars and turn out worse then I was before going in but I gave him the $500 deposit to book myself in for the end of febuary 2008 it gives me time to save $5000 and also it is the only time that I can have off work.
Please has anyone used DR Thind before. What are the possible bad outcomes from having tis surgery?
Please help I am so scared and worried about this but it is the only thing that I can do.

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I think a few people on here have had surgery with your doctor and got good results.  You should look through previous posts for more info. 


Just because other people got good results doesn't mean that you are guaranteed good results.  Conversely just because someone got a bad result doesn't mean that you will either.  It all depends on your severity, skin type, fat %, etc 

As for what can go wrong, your doctor should also tell you that, but a few things are:

-bad scarring
-allergic reaction to anesthetic
-internal bleeding
these are of course common to any sort of surgery.

gyno surgery specific problems:
-not enough gland/fat being removed
-too much gland being removed, so called "crater defect"
-loose skin
-unnatural movement of skin around/over the nipple area post surgery - this one is hard to explain because it cant really be shown in a photo.

Possibly with the exception of post op infections, there isn't much you yourself can do to decrease any of these risks.  You are really at the mercy of your surgeon and your own body.  I guess thats why its so important to pick one who is experienced/reputable and whom you trust.
Surgery done 18th March 2008

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Yeah, I also recall a couple of people of the past 2 years or so speaking highly of Dr THIND. I remember one dude posted photo's and showed the tissue that was removed.

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I have had surgery many times before and never had a problem with infections or scaring he did explain to me the scar and showed me some pics of scars on other patients and I am not really worried about that. I was more worried about the crater effect or not having enough gland removed is my main worry but he has ashored me that I will look great after the surgery. Actually he was very confident that it would be a great success and that made me feel great and I was very comfortable with him there was endless amounts of photos to look at and all questions where answered. But I just can not get it out of my mind what if post op I am not happy with the outcome it is really bothering me. For me 5,500 dollars is alot of money to pay to look worse then I did before.

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I had a surgery with Dr Thind back in August and my results are disappointing.

Yes he removed a lot of gland (I'd say i was a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 before surgery) however I still have puffy nipples and I can still feel gland behind my nipples.

Having said that, everyone is different and everyone's results are different. Who knows .. maybe I just produce a lot of the hormones that cause gyno and maybe no other surgeon could have done better. However I would still not recommend Thind from my overall experience and considering my results.

Actually I am about to see him today as I've got some swelling after hitting the gym hard for the first time since surgery ..

Unfortunately I have no pre-surgery photos but I'll try and post some current photos later today.


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