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Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and I’m reaching out for advise and support.

I have gyno since I was 12/13 and it started to get physically painful recently + the psychological distress I’m put into since it started. I’ve decided to consult a GP beginning of the year and after many other consultations and a long waiting time I got an appointment at CHUM early September.

It was a pretty traumatic experience. The surgeon didn’t even say hi and blamed me as being responsible for having gyno after I told him I sometimes smoke weed. He asked a series of yes or no questions and didn’t let me speak or explain the problem. I did express what I needed after a while but he didn’t take notes. He took pictures in a hurry and disappeared without confirming that the appointment was over. Needless to say that the coverage was refused by RAMQ and after requesting to consult his notes, I wasn’t surprised to see that he didn’t write my main concerns related to physical and psychological pain.

It has been described as an important Gynecomastia by all the other specialists I saw (I even had some unreasonable comments such as « yeahh it’s hugeeeee »). I’m waiting to get an appointment in another hospital and consulted a therapist to forward a revision of my record to RAMQ. But it’s hard to know what they expect and I can’t afford the surgery without their help.

The discomfort is growing and I’m pretty desperate at this point. I’m isolating myself and blocking any relationship because I’m not feeling well in my body. I’ve been confronted to harassent, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, etc, related to that issue and I don’t understand why I can’t be covered since I match all the criterias for a surgery.

Do you have any insights or recommendations on what I should? What should I give to RAMQ to make them change their decision? Do you recommend any knowledgeable specialist that would be able to help me?

Thank you!
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