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Hi guys,

As most, have been living with this god awful problem most of my life and have recently realised that getting rid of it isn't as big a thing as I thought, so I'm going to do it.  I do have question though:

-I work in an office environment and since I will be losing weight up until my operation, my man boobs will reduce a bit and should be less noticeable than they are now.  However, they will one day suddenly disappear.  There's a chance people will think this is strange and I'm not sure it could be completely attributed to successful weight loss.  How have you explained this sudden improvement, if at all?  I don't really want to draw attention to the fact that I may have had plastic surgery, that would be horrendous to have rumours like that spreading around colleagues.

Thank you

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Chances are people won't scrutinize you so closely that they notice.  You might get some comments like "wow you've lost weight!" but they probably won't be able to point out the specific chest change.

Why not start wearing clothes that hide the issue for a while before surgery, so that the change is as unnoticeable as possible when it happens?

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I agree with Gynosaur.  Unless your previous chest size was Dolly Parton-like, I highly doubt anyone is going to notice your chest after the surgery. We see ourselves and live with the gyno every day, but others don't.  Most likely, others don't have a clue about our gyno.

And if/when you lose weight, in all probability, people will only notice that, not your chest size.  That's just not something people pay attention to in males unless it's outrageously noticeable.   

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We see ourselves and live with the gyno every day, but others don't.  Most likely, others don't have a clue about our gyno.

Raider Fan -- I could not have said it better!

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