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I'm 20 years old, 5 '6, and I weigh about 170lbs.

I have spent the last six months literally saving up everything I have to have enough money to get the surgery (80% of my paycheck would go to savings just for this for the last six months)

I only have $4500 in cash, right now, and I am hoping to use some sort of financing plan to figure out the rest. I live in New York City, so I know that the cost over here is going to be at least $7000 minimum; however, I am wondering which doctor in NYC has a good price in gyno surgery. I did a quick reddit research and I saw that Dr. Sherwood Baxt in Paramus, New Jersey did a more severe case of gyno than mine for under $5000 (I only live less than 30 minutes away from his office,too), but I have this idea that you get what you pay for, so I am hesitant to consult with him before going to any NYC doctor which I know are going to give a higher cost.

I would say my gyno is in the moderate class.

I would like to get the surgery done before July, and by then I should have more than $5300 in cash.


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I've never heard of him, but one of the best that I have heard of is in NYC and post here on the forum is Dr. Jacobs.

I've never had gynecomastia surgery due to being extremely big 46H with a host of other health issues, but I've been through 8 other surgeries including both knees being replaced and just having my 3rd back surgery!

The best advise that I would ever give anyone is never base getting surgery on cost, or (bid)! This is your health and body, not a bathroom remodel job!

There are other very fine doctors right here on the forum that are highly recommended as well, but Dr. Jacobs is right there near you.

Good luck,


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Would it be fair to assume that the surgery cost depends on how much material has to be removed (a more complicated situation presumably) or how long the procedure is expected to take? Or is it a one-cost-fits-all like, say a prostatectomy or some other insurance covered operation that has a CPT code?


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Most of the time gynecomastia surgery isn't covered! I have no idea how cost is figured, however, one must remember that cost not only covers the surgeon, but other related cost as office staff, equipment, office space rental, other cost of doing business, and if the surgery is done at the hospital there is cost there as well.


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