Author Topic: Gynecomastia specialist vs. General plastic surgeon that treats gynecomastia  (Read 1886 times)

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Is it best to go to a surgeon that does 300+ of these operations annually or to well regarded surgeon that does ~50/year.

I have been given advice that surgeons that have such a narrow focus are not as good as surgeons that treat gynecomastia amongst other procedures.


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I don't think you can generalize like that. There are other factors to consider.

My dr recommended two local plastic surgeons. When I called the first one to set up a consult, the lady on the phone didn't even know what gynecomastia was. I had to tell her "man boobs". She chuckled for a split second and told me the Dr does face and neck jobs. It was a humiliating way to start this journey. 

The other place my dr recommended didn't ask "what is it", they just gave me an appt for like 6 weeks out.  I decided to take a look at their web site and it looked like it was built in 1999. That didn't make me feel good.

So I kept searching and found a PS nearby with a great web site and the dr specializes in gyno for men, boob jobs for women, and of all things - labiaplasty. ;D They scheduled me for like 3 weeks out, but called me the next day with a cancellation and I only had to wait a week for my appt. The Dr was great and I'm scheduled for Jan 20! 


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