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I have had gynecomastia for around 3 years now
I am aware surgery would be a good idea as I've had it so long
I am 14 and have noticed that a lot of people have developed breasts from this
I can feel the difference between my natural pectoral muscle and the disc like thing under my nipple
I defiantly do not have breasts and will I develop them?  :'(

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I don't understand your question very well. If you say you have a disc thing under your nipple, then you proly have Gyne. It may not resemble a female breast, but it is gynecomastia. It can go away in upto 2 years, however if it's stable, it's not going away.Talk to ur parents about it. u may not wanna, but trust me in the end its the better decision; a few minutes of awkwardness in front of your parents is worth having a flat chest. your parents may take you to the doctor, and he'll probably refer you to a surgeon. Good luck

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The modern definition of Gynecomastia could include evrything from visibly enlarged breasts to no visible change but simply a small knot of sometimes tender glandular tissue behind the nipple.

Your post indicates that you feel a knot of tissue behind the nipple but you have no breast enlargement.

You might see a Dr. about the tenderness issue as it could mean that something is stimulating that tissue. It may mean nothing though, some men have very sensitive breasts even without a hint of gynecomastia.
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