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I had mild gynecomastia since puberty (puffy nipples), but it got much worse after I took risperidone and olanzapine for a period of time a few years back. Just wondering, do the Drs on this board see much anti-psychotic induced gynecomastia in their practices?

Does the surgical treatment of anti-psychotic induced gynecomastia typically differ from the more 'standard' case? I feel like my gynecomastia is more 'diffuse' compared to the typical descriptions I hear of hard balls of gland behind the nipple, but I'm no expert.

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Yes, this is something I hear from some of my patients who have taken these medications. As for the gyne presenting itself differently, that is not something I have noticed or studied to be able to say that is the case. The gyne is treated just as it would be otherwise. 
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Risperdal was used years ago as an anti-psychotic until its side effect of producing gynecomastia became known.  I believe most doctors have stopped prescribing it.

I have operated on a few patients who developed gynecomastia after having taken Risperdal.  The surgery was no different on them than on all other patients -- and no recurrence.

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