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March 20 my first appointment with Dr. Herbosa at Makati Medical Center. Finally il have the chance to meet the famous Doctor in the forum of gynecomastia. He told me that Surgery is the only way to get rid of gyne. He explain and have the impression that this Doc knows what his doing, seems like cooking a scamble egg in the morning. Doing it right, even his eyes are closed. Ganyan nya ako pinabilib.
I undergo series of medical test in between dates.

April 20, 10:30am my appointment with Dr. Benny Herbosa for my surgery. I was accompanied by my wife and my cousin. We arrive early 8:30am, so we still have time to locate the clinic and to eat breakfast. Entered the Medicard clinic located at the ground floor, just to check in or inform them that i arrive early and will take my breakfast. To my surprise,  we saw Dr. Benny outside the operating room door and enthusiastic mood saying that " tirahin na natin ngyn yan, maaga tapos mo, sandali lang yan, tapos na problema mo". I was prepared, scared,  and excited at the same time. so i signed all documents the nurse put infront of me.
Ngbiro pa nga si Doc,  basahin mo muna baka nakalagay dyan lahat ng ari arian mo ay binibigay mo skin. I was assisted by a nurse,  weight and height was recorded and let me put on my lab gown. As we enter the operating room,  when i saw the operating table and begun to realized that theres no turning back. Blood pressure was high  so
they put catapress under my tongue . Doc Benny put the anesthesia and told me to relax. Tapos na yan problema mo. Pain is very tolerable.

During the operation, under local anesthesia, i can say ganito lang pala kadali. Natatanggal ng yun matagal na glands na nagpahirap skin for 20yrs or more. Doc. Benny was surprised with the texture of my glands its so hard. Maybe because of what i injected, years ago as steroids or muscle booster. Nagmukhang mapurol o maganet ang mga gunting nila. D daw nga dapat maingay yun tuwing nagugunting. Then we discover that  parts of my glands was rejecting the anesthesia, that why some procedure was felt in pain. I even felt Doc hands shaking coz by fatigue while streching my skin.  My glands are really hard,  napalaban ako. Kinulang pa ang anesthesia nagpakuha pa ng ilan. Kung alam ko lang pinatulog na kita kaya d ntin malalaman kung d ko bubuksan. Tataposin ko ito kc trabaho ko ito at gusto ko masasayahan ka sa result.
I was transfered to the recovery room and joined by my wife and cousin. They told me "naririnig ka nmin, bawat sigaw mo" looking very worried. Can't help it,  nagugulat ako sa sakit kc ayaw talaban ng anesthesia yun glands ko. kc matigas".
“I want to thank you Dr. Benny Herbosa, nurse Rain and also your staff for your good care and professional treatment. I always felt very confident that I was in good hands and appreciate all that you did.” Kung d lang ako nagkaproblema sa anesthesia, i can say, i can do it again with Doc.  Benny. Matagal ko ininda gyne ko, si Doc Benny lang nagbigay sakin ng lakas ng loob para magpaopera like no other Doctor that felt like family to me,  when he talk,  like your just with your elder brother that knows everything. .

After surgery,  2nd and on 3rd day i cant believe it that I just felt very very minimal pain or no pain at all. D cguro masyado nabugbug yun laman ko sa loob. Malaking bagay na magaang ang kamay ng magoopera sa nyo para sa fast recovery.
Now i can wear (especially light colored) tshirts that i like or buying / fitting shirt sizes straight from the rack.

Confidently beautiful as a beauty queen says. I appreciate my body more than ever. Ego was definitely boosted. Very manly, no more boobsy.

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Congratulations po and thank you for sharing! Ask ko lang po how are you na after about 5 months? Do you still have sensation sa nipples? How much did your operation cost? Can you share po your recent pics?


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