Author Topic: One month post-op. Right side came out A+. Left nipple still puffy.  (Read 2736 times)

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I know half the answer is that it is still too early to come to any conclusions, but if my PC could get the right side perfect, why is it that the left side is still puffy under one half of the nipple only? There is a tiny amount of scar tissue on the outside corners of both nips, but like I said, the right side is perfect, almost as if someone painted my nipple on so it's nice and flat, like a "normal" mans chest. On the left it seems to be swollen only on the top part, almost as if he left some gland inside still. I had gland removal and smart lipo. My dr. showed me a book of patients, which looked great, and has a very good reputation, so my guess is he didn't botch anything. If I lift my arms, both nipples lie flat, but when I let them hang, the left side looks like a mini version of the old chest.  I suppose I shouldn't worry too much seeing that I had NO brusing and my scars are almost invisible, but when I flex, my nip almost looks like the letter "c" turned upside down, or a wave breaking, following the shape of my nipple. Has anyone had a problem like this? Also, when the swelling does finally go down as much as it will, is the fat that is left able to be exercised away like fat around someones waist? I guess I was expecting a little more contour to my chest. In no way am I unhappy. I can finally wear tight fitting shirts, and when I can finally tan, will have my shirt off next summer. I just wonder how one side can be perfect and the other not so. My thanks to anyone who replies.

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Welcome to my world.

As a surgeon, I do not complete a case unless it is even, flat and symmetric as humanly possible.  Then, Mother Nature steps in and shows us who is the real boss.

My guess is that you may have some residual swelling which should probably even out over time.  At one month, you are still in the very active healing stage.  Give it time.  There may come a time when gentle massage may help -- but would recommend you speak to your PS about that.

Keep the faith.

Dr Jacobs
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Yeah i have this problem it kind of annoyed me seeing as the left one looked like it was stitched diffrent also and my nipple kind of hanged over the stitching even right after surgery and i am around 4 weeks now my left has gone down in puffyness and size same with my right but it feels slightly hollow and puffs slightly when hard they are the exact same size.

Weird thing is i can poke into my right but not my left i am kind of disappointed about it but atleast it won't stick through shirts anymore i guess.


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