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Just thought I'd write about my experience with -- in Poland  for my gynecomastia surgery with doctor Clark.
After months of research I decided to get the surgery done with dr Clarke in Poland. The main reasons for -- was the price and all the good reviews I read online. I emailed -- via their website and they got back to me straight away. Dr Clarkes husband (Jeremy) does all the email and admin side of things and always seems happy to answer any questions you have about the surgery. After speaking to Jeremy for a while I booked up and paid a £480 deposit for the op and hotel. A couple of weeks later I flew to Berlin to get the transfer over to Poland. The transfer was a tad confusing as it's not a transfer specifically for -- but just a mini bus to Poland. I walked over to the mini bus in the carpark and said my name and I was on it which was a relief. I was the only English person on there and everyone was fairly cramped in and was having a bit of polish banter with each other so I just pretended to sleep lol :-). When we got to Szczecin in Poland the mini bus dropped us all off at the bus depo (wasn't sure if they would take us straight to the hotel or not) so I stood on the side of the road for a bit and spoke to the driver who didn't speak any English but as soon as I said hotel atrium he offered to take me there (not sure if he was supposed to or not) which I was very great full for. After that I checked into the hotel which was very nice and went round to KFC :-).
The next morning I got a call from tomek (very nice guy) the -- agent at 8am who told me what was going to happen for that day. He picked me up around 9am and took me to get my bloods done at a separate clinic. 15 minutes later we where out and off over to get the gyno area scanned  at another clinic and checked for tumors. And the size of the gyno which was massive! Around 8.5cm wide! After that I got dropped off at the hotel and ate up until 12. Tomek picked me up at around 2 and we went over to the -- clinic for the op. Walked in and met dr Clarke (very down to earth funny lady who really put you at ease) who talks to you for a bit about your blood results, the op and steroids! After the chat I then dropped my stuff off in the designated room(the clinic and room is spotless and really nice) got changed into a gown and went through to the theatre  where they lay you down and get you ready for the op. (There's about 5 people in the theatre including dr Clarke.) the anaesthesia lady then came over and stuck the needle in my arm. Then I was gone!! Lol. I woke up and I was rambling some crap for a bit and then went dead again lol. The next time I woke up the nurses helped me onto a chair and carted me through to the room where your bed is. When you first come round and no ones speaking English it does freak you out a tad but they do help you as much as they can. After the op you stay in the clinic for a night with drains in and a Polish shift nurse who spoke no English but was very nice and helps you whenever you need the loo or some food or whatever.
The next day I went through to the theatre to have the dressings changed and the pipes removed.(I'm not going to lie. It hurts lol) and was in the clinic until 2, then Tomek picked me up and took me to the hotel via the chemist where you get your meds and bandages. For the next 3 days I just chilled out in the hotel and went to the two shopping malls. I went to see doctor Clarke twice after the op where she shows you how to do the dressing change and looks at the area where the op was. It was very neat!!
On the last day a taxi met me at the hotel and took me to the bus depo where I jumped on the minibus again and went back to Berlin. When you get home you'll be surprised how easy it is too move about. You hardly feel restricted at all! A few days later I had the stitches cut out and the nurses said that it was the best stitch work they have ever seen! After the stitches where taken out I stopped wearing the bandages but kept wearing the strap for 3 weeks continuously.  And then another 3 weeks just at night.

Over all. Very happy with the op. There's not many surgeons in the UK that can do the job that dr Clarke did. And she also does it at half the price. It does sound a bit dodgy at the start to go abroad for it but it is defo worth it. The scars are nearly non existent after 4 weeks as well

Overall rating 9.5/10


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