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I'm 1 week post op. At my operation, my brest areas was shaved off for the surgery. It kinda looked weird because the rest of my chest has think blonde hair and they pretty much only shaved the area they needed (the boob area).

Anyways now it's really itching, especially when rubbing with the compression vest. It's been a week already and little 1cm (1/3rd inch) hairs are already appearing.

Anybody know how long this lasts?


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Itching (and tingling) is a normal part of the healing process.  It is actually the nerves beginning to "wake up" to again provide sensation to the areas which are numb after the operation.  It has nothing to do with having been shaved.

The itching usually is short-lived -- usually a week or two at most.

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Last 24 hours were killing me. It's very itchy and I'm still not sure why (surgery or hair?). It's been 9 days post op already.

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Don't tell me about it .... it's like hell, specially after surgery and before i took a shower keep u mind busy in other things .. one day you will wake up without itching. Good luck bro

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i know right! just have to find way of ignoring it... im going thru the same feeling also

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Done. Doesn't itch anymore. Maybe a bit when I move my vest around.


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