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Apple is best fruit that contains energy and vitamins. It has lot of health benefits.
Apple is good for weight lose
It is good for skin
Apple prevents us from many diseases and infections
Apple maintains health and fitness
It reduces high blood pressure

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Awesome! I once read that one apple has the same stimulating effects as one cup of coffee.

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So my Grandma was right? That an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Something else must be keeping the Doctor away too, I have not had a Doctor who hade house calls since World War 2 started. (Yes I can remember that far back)
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That an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away
I am quite agree with you its most famous and true quot.. Apple has many benefits for good health like
Avoid Alzheimer’s
Decrease your risk of diabetes
Beat diarrhea and constipation
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The main benefits of apple is that its good for your skin and hair. The eating of apple daily in the morning with milk improve you health fitness and clean your skin as well,.

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Apple is too helpful for your better life ,if u start apple 1 in a day then u must feel good and feel some good unsightly in ur body.!

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