Author Topic: getting rid of loose skin on chest+ stomach  (Read 3137 times)

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I am 6ft2 and used to weigh about 17 stone. Over time I have lost weight by just dieting, no exercise. Not had the time. I am now 15.5 stone.

I still have some fat on my stomach and chest but I think some of it is loose skin also. I cannot afford surgery and I want to try an exercise regime to helpthe  problem.

What is the best exercises to tighten up the chest? I have slight gyne on the right side so I need to bear that in mind.I am 24 and have only just lost the weight so maybe the skin will tone up a bit naturaly I don't know. But I do think my body lacks muscle tone generally.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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ull either want to TONE or to build muscle then tone... i dont know  your case wen it comes to muscle size...DO NOT ignore cardio, it will tighten up the skin, also do 8-12 reps in abs and chest (weight if needed) and rest 48 hours between muscular workouts...check back with us here in 1 month.


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