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Hi everyone,

My first post here, so please be nice :)  Seems like a lot of the weight lifting and cardio exercise advice is geared towards those who have gyne and at the same time have fat.

But in my case, I'm pretty skinny (65 kg, 5'10") already, have a lean build...but only my lower chest area (nipple area) is flabby.  

Is this what you guys call a gland problem and not a fat problem?  

So what kind of exercise regime is suitable for my type of build?  I mean, I doubt that doing a lot of cardio is going to lose me a lot of fat (since i don't have much in the first place, and don't gain weight very easily).

If exercise won't get rid of the gland, then is surgery the only way for me?

I don't have pictures of myself yet (also i don't know how to upload them) here's a link to a guy's website where there are photos - he has pretty much the exact same build and gyne problem as me...he's actually a member of this forum, stargraphicas is his user name...hope he doesn't mind me referencing his site...

Looking forward to wisdom from you guys...



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